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5 tips to stay injury free in the Summer

It's getting hot, but what can you do to stay injury free over the warmer summer months. In theory we should be less injury prone as the warmer weathers make for better conditions for our bodies to perform and in general just feel better because of the sun exposure.

However, as it gets a little too warm for some of us, the risk on injury can increase. But im, going to give you 5 tips to stay innjury free whilst you get to enjoy the summer.

1) Keep hydrated - This is perhaps the biggest one. Without our muscles being hydrated, which is a high probability in the warmer weather, we are more likely to pull, strain or injure a muscle. Our muscles need water to function at their best.

2) Avoid training in peak heat - As it gets hotter, we may be more likely to fatigue. This puts us at danger of not moving or training with form that is ideal for yourself. Not only this but our cognitive abilities can feel a little slow, meaning we may make poor decisions leading to risk of injury. Get out when its cooler like the mornings or evenings.

3) Eat right - I know, it's easy to grab the ice creams and cool down in the heat, but if you are only eating ice cream you aren't giving your body the fuel it needs to recover from your activities. Keep your body in prime condition by eating a mixture of nutritious food so you can avoid picking up and injury

4) Take the rest - You've got to listen to your body and understand that it's ok to either not train or stop when you know you've done too much. You aren't going to regress, and you'll do yourself a favour and not pick up and injury and be out of action for longer

5) Get some sleep - It's hard sometimes to sleep in this heat, but if we aren't sleeping right, we aren't recovering. And if we aren't recovering we are more likely to pick up and injury. So, do what you can to get a good night sleep. Keep the room dark during the day, sleep with a fan, put a pets cool mat in the bed (done this one and it works a treat).

So, enjoy the heat, enjoy the summer, but if you are keeping your training and activities high, be mindful and take these steps to avoid picking up and injury. After all, you want to enjoy these upcoming summer months, because before we know it, it will be winter again and well be wishing we managed to enjoy the warmth pain free

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