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Are you really looking after yourself?

Are you looking after yourself?

Like really looking after yourself?

August is fast approaching its end and if you've been anything like me you might have found yourself back to back with plans, activities, obligations and everything in between.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a full diary of fun things with great people. For instance, in the last month I’ve moved into my first owned home, had holidays with friends and family and celebrated weddings in the most scenic, remote places of Scotland.

But, full disclosure, I have neglected my body and I am starting to feel the results.

First thing I tend to find neglected is movement. With lots of traveling, catching up with people and generally just enjoying yourself, you forget to move as much. In these more static positions I start to notice niggles creeping in, be it a stiff knee or sore back.

Also, as a result of a full diary, nutrition for me takes a hit. Now I'm by no means saying don't enjoy yourself, especially if you enjoy your food and drink, but for me, my food choices and hydration aren't as on point as they normally are. As a result those aches and pains can feel worse and less manageable. The body starts moving more sluggishly and recovery can take a little longer.

However, this is not the end of the world. Yes, you've had a packed month filled with good time, indulgences and now your body's a little sore, but you can definitely do something about it.

Get moving again. As simple as it sounds, start moving. Even little bits. Get back in the gym, go out for a daily walk, start a bit of morning yoga. Whatever is manageable for you, start doing. Your body will thank you and those stiff achy muscles will start feeling a whole lot better.

Then get back to including quality food choices in your day to allow your body to recover from any lingering aches and pains the busy month has put on the body. Even with chronic pains or serious injuries, protein intake tends to get overlooked. Also, don't forget to keep hydrated so your muscles function well and move as they should. Our muscles are made up of a large portion of water, so best to keep them that way for long term benefits.

And lastly, something I am doing at the end of this month, is booking in for a treatment. Getting an external eye to make sure I'm moving and performing at my best again to prevent any further injuries or aches.

So, even though you've looked after yourself this month in terms of the mind, now take turns and look after yourself in terms of the body. Healthy mind and body will make you unstoppable and ready to tackle the last part of the year!

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