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Become unstoppable and pain free!

Want to train pain free?

Of course you do.

But are you ready to do what you need to make sure you can?

Try these 5 tips to help you continue to train pain free and avoid injuries

1) Drink plenty of water - hydrated muscles function better and feel better

2) Sleep well - we often neglect sleep, but our muscles do a lot of recovering whist we sleep and we are more likely to pick up an injury if we are sleep deprived

3) Warm up sets - not just a quick rep or two before your main set. A proper warm up building on the same movement and gradually building the weight up

4) Mobility work - this is different than stretching. This is making the joints strong at the end ranges, prepared for your workouts

5) Proper recovery - this could be cooling down, stretching, massage and nutrition

Ready to take your training to the next level without feeling like an 80 year old. Implement these tips and be ready to feel your best.

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