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Don't let your job ruin your body

I often get asked how I keep my body feeling it's best doing the job that I do?

However, I want to ask you the same thing.

You see whatever job we do whether it's highly manual or highly stationary, chances are we are going to be spending a lot of time in the same position for a number of hours.

And I think we can all agree, that's not going to lead to our muscles, ligaments and joints feeling their best.

So for me, gym based training and mobility work keeps me feeling right. Making sure I spend time decompressing my joints and opening up muscle fibers using mobility drills and weight based exercises.

Does everyone need to go hard in the gym to balance out their work hours?

No, but what you do need to do is strengthen your body and keep it mobile in the hours you aren't working. Add some soft tissue work to keep your body recovered and you've got the recipe for becoming pain free, no matter how many long hours you spend in one position.

So if you've noticed you're getting a bit stiff, achy and not moving as well as you should after work, drop me a message and let's find out what type of movements will be best to stop your job ruining your body.

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