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Is your outlook slowing down your recovery?

Is your outlook slowing down your recovery?

What we tend to see a lot of is clients who have been dealing with an issue for quite a long time to the point it is a chronic pain.

No matter what they've tried or who they've seen, they just can't seem to shake it.

One aspect they may have overlooked is their own outlook.

This isn't to say the pains are all in their head, but more the fact that a negative mindset will slow down their potential recovery.

Someone who doesn't let their pains get them down is more likely to get out and try the things needed to support recovery, leaning into the pain but not pushing too far.

Not only this, but dealing with pain or discomfort for a prolonged time may lead to a person with a negative outlook to identify themselves with their pain. This in turn will make it harder to shift the issue.

Sometimes working with a chronic pain or issue isn't as simple as treating the symptom. Sometimes we need to look a little deeper and work on a few levels to help get you feeling your best.

So next time you think your pain has been going on for a bit too long, do yourself a favour and have a deep think about your outlook on the situation. And if you can turn the negative into a positive and create a better environment for your recovery.

Hope this gave you something to think about. Let me know if you found this useful 👍

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