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It's all in the technique

Want to live pain free?

Of course you do.

But with so many therapies and treatments out there it can become overwhelming to know what to book in for.

And honestly, it depends.

That's why, at The Muscle Therapy, we have an array of skills and techniques to help you out of your pain and discomfort.

You tell us your issues, histories and lifestyle and leave the guess work to us.

We may use techniques from;

Trigger point therapy ✅

Soft tissue release✅

Deep tissue massage✅

Assisted stretching✅

Strengthening exercises✅

Spinal manipulation✅

Cupping therapy✅

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation✅

Whatever we might use, the goal is to help you feel pain free as quickly as possible.

So if you're unsure what you need to feel your best again, drop us a massage and let's give you an idea of what the best course of treatment is for you 👌

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