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Move your spine!

Want to save your back from stiffness?

Then you need to know your back is meant to flex, extend and rotate.

But because a lot of us stay in the same positions for hours throughout our day we can often be left feeling stiff and restricted. Then on top of this we tend to train in one plane of movement and we are adding to this restriction.

So here's a couple of movements to open your spine back up and help you feel your best again.

Flex - Get into an all fours position and arch your spine towards the ceiling

Extend - Grab a foam roller, lie with your back on it, place your hands behind your head and elbows together and arch over the roller, scooch down and repeat the movement down the spine

Rotate - Place your hand behind your head, sit on to your heels and twist the spine through the middle and back up towards the ceiling

These simple moves can be performed throughout the day, as a warm up or whenever you are feeling stiff.

Save this next time you feel your back can't move and let me know in the comments if this has saved you from a stiff back 👌

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