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Movement is medicine

Have you ever heard the saying “movement is medicine”?

You probably have and brushed it off as some old wife's tale.

But, I’m here to tell you there is more truth to this than you think!

When you pick up an injury, I know it can be very tempting to stop everything and rest until things feel “right”. However, this in the long run may be causing more issues than you think. Gone are the days of 6 weeks of bed rest for lower back issues.

Now, I am not saying when you pick up an injury you should sign up for the next marathon you can find, but let me reassure you that this injury is not your sign to stop doing everything.

First, listen to the body. Initially, yes, after picking up an injury do take it easy. But, as soon as you can, allow yourself to start moving in a pain free range of movement. Gradually increasing this as the pain reduces.

This movement will encourage your body to help speed up the recovery process by not only promoting more blood flow around the body, but will also allow you mentally to not guard and overly protect the injured area causing more tightness in the surrounding muscles.

Second, as the muscles begin to start feeling less sore and more mobile, start reintroducing the movements that caused the injury in the first place. Rebuilding this movement and getting stronger whilst performing it will prevent this type of injury happening again. Avoiding said injury will more than likely cause repeat issues.

This is all great for helping with injuries and muscular spasms, but how good is movement for the body regardless of this?

Well an increase of movement not only keeps the body fit and healthy but also does wonders for our mental health, sleep quality and immune system. All of which will help us lead long, healthy lives.

So if you’ve spent a little too long reading this, get up, get moving and start feeling your best!

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