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Shakira might have been on to something...

Why would you want healthy hips?

Pain free lower back ✅

Pain free knees ✅

Better mobility ✅

Improved training performance ✅

Believe me, having healthy mobile hips will help you unlock a lot of potential 🔐

Our hips often feel tight because of a weakness and lack of mobility. We don't give them a fair chance at succeeding when we spend the majority of our time in a static seated position.

This isn't inherently the problem, the problem is we don't do what we need to do to strengthen the hips and prevent the muscles fatiguing and causing that stiff sensation.

So save this video and give these 3 movements a go next time your hips are feeling stiff.

1) 90/90 Mobility - This will allow the joints to move out of a static position we tend to put them in most of the day

2) Raised 90/90 - Building the strength in this movement will help the body get stronger and less likely to fatigue which can cause the stiffness in the hips

3) Weighted butterfly stretch - Rather than using this movement as a static hold, either hold some weights on the knees or put some gentle pressure downwards, then bring the knees towards the center of the body. Again, building strong hips will massively help with how they feel.

Let me know if you try these movements and if this helped you 🗣️

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