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Shoulder pain? I've got two game changers of an exercise!

These moves are a game changer for shoulder health 👌

You'll be surprised how many people don't have control over the movements of their shoulders.

You may even surprise yourself when you give these ago how much lack of movement you may have.

But you may be thinking what's the problem if I can't make my shoulders move like a break dancer for the 90s.

Well I'll tell you

Poor shoulder mobility may lead to tightness in the neck and traps, poor ligament health and the potential for injuries when training.

Complete control over the shoulders is a great skill to have and a potential life saver when it comes to injuries. So I want you to try these two moves

Scapular press up - in an all fours position try to pin your shoulders together aiming for the chest to the floor without bending your arms. On the way up, keep arms locked and extend the spine towards the ceiling

Scapular elevation and depression - again keeping the arms still, aim to bring your shoulders away from and towards your ears. Gently gliding from one to the other

So if you are suffering from any sort of shoulder problem and you are unsure what to do, follow the link below, give this a go and let me know if you have any limitations. Hopefully this is your game changer to better shoulder health 👌

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