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There are no bad exercises!

The only dangerous exercise is the one you aren't prepared for.

Now don't get me wrong, throwing a weight around that is too heavy for you with no regard for how it's moving is a sure fire way to pick up an injury.

However, I don't want you to be scared of movements because someone once told you that it is dangerous for you.

The body is robust and supposed to move in weird and wonderful ways.

Instead, we spend most of our lives living and moving in a very limited range of movement.

I'm even guilty of it. My main form of exercising is weight training. But admittedly I train in a very linear fashion. So when it comes to doing movements outside my comfort zone, I'm more likely to pick up an injury.

However, if I got strong and practiced movements that are applicable to movements that might occur then I'll have a better chance at staying injury free.

So, if you want to live your life pain free and free from injuries, I encourage you to exercise and move in ways you might have previously thought of as dangerous, just knowing that gradual progression in these movements are key.

Want to run something by me before you do it? Sure! Go ahead and drop me a message to become unstoppable.

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