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Time to challenge yourself

Mobility work doesn't have to be boring...

We're at the start of a new month and if you used last month as a bit of a trial run that's ok.

But this month I want you to challenge yourself (I'm included in this too)

We've all seen the usual mobility drills and they can get a bit boring. And if we are honest, it's probably part of the reason we stop doing them and then start letting niggles creep back in.

Time to mix it up a bit!

This is a little routine you can use to practice getting from standing to seated back to standing without using your arms. Mine's a little stiff in places and I'm going to use this month to make this more fluid.

At the end of the day use your mobility drills to help you for the life you want as you get older. Do you want to be able to get up and down easily no matter what position you are in?

Save this video, find your starting point and keep practicing until it becomes smooth.

If you'd like an alternative sequence drop me a DM and we'll find your starting point.

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