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What does your recovery look like?

We've all had an injury, muscle tweak or a niggle.

But the last thing we want, is for those issues to get in the way of doing the movements we enjoy day to day.

Whether that's training in the gym, dancing all night or playing with the kids.

But if these issues keep reappearing then your recovery from these niggles won't be aimed at the things you love to do.

So, for example, if you want to enjoy playing with your kids pain free then your recovery should allow you to get stronger and mobile in those weird movements that will be required of you.

Bending over, picking up at strange angles, turning, twisting all sorts of movements.

So next time you feel a little muscular twinge, have a think how you're going to recover this time.

And if you need help with a game plan, we are always here to help you get back to enjoying your movements again

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