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Your problems don't go away by avoiding them...

In general, great life advice, but what I'm talking about here is a little more specific for aches and pains whilst training.

We've all been there. We feel a twinge, which turns into a full blown pain doing a certain movement.

We stop doing that movement because it hurts.

That muscle or joint feels fine because we haven't put it under that tension again.

We feel good and try to do that original movement and there it is again.

This is because we have just avoided the issue rather than address it.

Take for example dips. The bottom of the range you get a pain in the shoulder.

Instead of just not doing that movement anymore, why not build up the tolerance to that movement with a low load.

Think of chair dips, half rep press ups etc to gradually build up your tolerance again.

Chances are just ignoring the issue will not solve the problem.

So the next muscle you tweak, think about what you can do to get back to that exercise pain free.

Struggling to think what will work? Drop me a message and lets set you up with a game plan

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